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Brute: Armor Editon

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Oct 15, 2018


Brute is a challenging arcade puzzle / shooter with a minimalist aesthetic. It's a game about planning, timing and discovery featuring an atmospheric soundtrack and sounds made from analog synthesizers.

Getting through the 25 main stages is a challenge but finishing all 50 is a true test of skill. For the ultimately ambitious there's also par times for each level that take into account speed, fuel usage and objects shot. Brute is a game which does not overly explain itself, it encourages the player to poke at it to see how things react and behave.

Can you survive the gauntlet?

“Brute is N with a ship in place of a ninja. That change aside, there’s the same challenge of grappling with the particulars of the game’s physics, the same love of alternating bright colours, and a similar menagerie of deadly pursuing enemies ready to destroy you with a single touch. Luckily, there’s also the same sense of satisfaction to be found in trying, failing and eventually overcoming each of its tricky levels.” - Rock Paper Shotgun


Explained in-game

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